3-3 Ban Phase in the tournament lobby chat.

Players take turns banning 3 champions each in the on-site Challengermode lobby chat starting with the left/top player. None of the banned champions are allowed.


  • The leftmost/top player gets to ban first.

  • Ban by writing the name of the champion you wish to ban from the upcoming game.

  • The next player does the same thing.

  • Both now take turns banning one champion each until both have banned 3 each (for a total of 6).

  • You can start the game together with your opponent.

Note: A player is allowed to not ban any champions at all - this player has to state that he/she does not want to ban any champions in the on-site Challengermode lobby chat in that case. Starting the game without communicating this to your opponent can get you disqualified.

Note #2: If a player decides to write all three bans in one go, that is alright - as it does not put the opponent at any disadvantage. The other player may then write the names of the three champions he/she would like to ban.


Anyone that plays with a banned champion (as agreed in the Challengermode chat pre-game) may get disqualified. This means that neither of the players' banned champions can be played with (none of the 6 are allowed).

Only bans made in the Challengermode chat are valid. Written champion names are final. Any bans written after Champion Select has started are not valid.

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