The referral program is currently only available for select users and partners. See the partner program for more info and to apply.


How it works

Invite new friends, teammates, and contacts to Challengermode and get rewarded with money which gets added to your account balance.

  1. Send your referral link to anyone you think should join Challengermode
  2. That person uses your referral link to create a Challengermode account.
  3. The person connects their game account and plays the first game.
  4. Both you and your referred/invited friend get a referral reward.
  5. Continue inviting more people to Challengermode and get rewards for every invite + up to 2 bonus rewards!

Questions? See all referral help articles here.

Terms & Rules

Challengermode reserves the right the change the reward amount at any time and for any reason. Rewards are currently provided in the form of money but may be given in other forms as well. Any rewards you have earned by using the referral program are added to your Challengermode account balance and can not be given to anyone else, or any other account. You are not allowed to transfer funds between accounts. 

Referrals should only be sent to personal connections and people that will appreciate playing on Challengermode. Links should not be sent or distributed in places where it's unlikely that most or all of the people are personal friends or close connections (such as Reddit, public Facebook groups, forums etc). Only users approved by Challengermode ("Affiliates") and who are part of our partner program may use their referral links for public purposes.

Only real/proper individuals may enter the Referral Program, and users are only allowed to have one Challengermode account each. All users of Challengermode are eligible to enter the referral program. Note, however, that you must be 18 years or older to participate in pay-to-enter competitions on Challengermode. 

Any user that is found to be defrauding or manipulating the Referral Program will be suspended and any money earned will be reverted back to Challengermode. Cheating, manipulating or defrauding the Referral Program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating multiple Challengermode accounts to earn rewards on one or many of them.
  • Creating/buying fake game accounts to add such to Challengermode accounts
  • Playing games between accounts owned by the same user

See our full Terms & Conditions for further guidance and rules.

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