Monetary Prizes

The prize money in a tournament will be paid out when all games in a tournament are finished and the tournament is completed. The system then automatically pays out monetary prizes to everyone who placed high enough to win something.

Non-monetary prizes may take longer for you to receive since they are paid out manually.
This also applies to prize money from Leagues as we need to gather payment information for each team before we can pay out the prizes to the eligible teams.

Physical Prizes like Merchandise and Gear

Depending on who the tournament organizer or host of the tournament is, and since the prizes have to get shipped via post, it may take up to 2 - 3 months to receive the prizes in some cases. If we are not sending the prizes ourselves at Challengermode, we will collect the addresses of the winners right away and forward those the information to whoever is responsible for sending out the prizes.

If we are sending the prizes ourselves via post, we usually do this within 2-4 weeks.


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