Issue: You can't connect to the server or get kicked right after joining.

Solution: You can see the reason for the disconnect by opening the console in CS:GO after you got dropped from the server. In any case, please try the following to connect again:

  • Double check that EAC is actually running (if you're unsure check your task manager: Ctrl+Shift+Esc)   
  • Exit CS:GO, the start EAC first and then start CS:GO again (EAC must be started before CS:GO).
  • If that doesn't help please try the steps again but this time exit Steam altogether first. Optionally, also try restarting your computer, then Steam, EAC and finally CS:GO.
  • Try launching EAC and CS:GO via Steam directly, rather than via the link on Challengermode.
  • It's possible that your anti-virus or firewall is interfering with EAC. Double check that EAC is whitelisted and that the necessary ports (port 80) are allowed.

If you still can't connect it's probably because EAC has detected cheating software on your PC or because your account has previously been banned by EAC or VAC. Note that a VAC ban in any Source game (TF2 etc) will prohibit you from playing on an EAC-protected server.

Still having issues? If you have tried all the above, and you are sure there is no cheating software or similar programs installed on your computer. Please contact an admin as soon as possible.

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