Click on Create Team under the category "My Teams" in the right sidebar navigation. If you don't have any teams, you will see this option:

Alternatively you can navigate to the Profile dropdown menu in the top right corner and click on "My Teams".

Click create and choose a name for your team. (The name cannot be edited later.)

Manage Team

On the team overview, you can edit and add team information, like your official social media profiles, a presentation video, your country, description and more.

It's recommended to also add a logo and header image to make your Team stand out and get recognized by others on Challengermode! Click on the camera buttons to upload pictures:

Invite and manage team members

Under the "Team Members" tab you are able to invite other Challengermode users to your team. Simply search for a user name and click "Invite" and they will get a notification. You can also remove users from your team in this view:

Team Overview

Your team(s) are listed in the right sidebar, regardless of whether you are the creator of the team or if you were invited.

Clicking on any of your teams will open the Team Chat, where you and all the team members can chat together. 

A team can have up to 30 members, whereas a party can have up to 5.

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