Leaderboards summarizes your results from several tournaments over a specified time period.

A leaderboard can span over days, weeks or even months - it's all up to the organizer!

Find a leaderboard

Through Spaces

If a Space is hosting a leaderboard, you can find it in the Leaderbords section of the Space, in the menu on the left side.

Through tournaments

If a tournament is linked to a leaderboard, you will see an indication on the right side of the Tournament Overview page.

Leaderboard tournaments

To participate in a leaderboard, simply sign up and play in any of the tournaments that are linked to the leaderboard. The easiest way to find these tournaments is to go to the leaderboard, then click Tournaments. Performing well in these tournaments will give you points in the leaderboard.

Leaderboard Overview

In the overview section, you will be able to see the current standing in the leaderboard, a description of the leaderboard as well as the point calculation system for this particular leaderboard.

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