When the tournament has started everyone gets their tournament game lobby. To enter the lobby, press the go-to-game button on the tournament page or under your "Activities" in the right sidebar:

Note: If the tournament isn't full (16/32/64 teams), you may receive a BYE match, meaning that you won't play your first game until round 2.

If the tournament is "automatic", the game will start, the tournament code will only appear once all team members in both teams have entered the lobby and become "ready".

Please mind the go-to-game timer! Once it has reached zero you or your team will be disqualified if you are not already present in the League of Legends in-game lobby.

Enter the League of Legends client

The Tournament Code can be pasted into the League of Legends client by navigating to Play -> Tournament Code (trophy symbol top right corner).

This will bring you into the custom game lobby. Wait until everyone from both teams have entered, and then start the game. If the game starts without 2 full teams, the game will not be counted and may lead to disqualification. 

The team on the left on Challengermode will be on the left side (Blue) in League, and the team on the right on Challengermode will be on the right (Red).

Automatic game results

When the match is done, the results will be collected automatically by the Challengermode integration to Riot Games. No screenshots needed!  

The winner will be assigned the next game and can proceed to the following round.

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