If you are new to Challengermode you might have questions about joining and participating in your first tournament. We will do our best to answer your questions right here and provide you with a guide on how to start competing on Challengermode. 

Video tutorial

This video shows you how to join a tournament on Challengermode, step-by-step.

If you'd rather have a written description, please continue reading and you'll find further instructions below!

Connect your Game Account 

First of all, before trying to join and particpate in a Tournament, you are required to Connect your Game Account. 

(This is just to know which Account you will be participating with. No Passwords or other credentials will be shared with Challengermode.)

Connect CS:GO Account

Connect League of Legends Summoner

Connect PUBG Account

Connect Dota 2 Account

Find Your Game!

Note that this guide goes through the basics on joining a Tournament and it is the same for all games. Even if this article uses League of Legends as an example, it can be applied to all other games on Challengermode.

Locate and enter the game you'd like to play on Challengermode. You can find it on the left-side bar.


On the Game-page you will be able to find all features available for that particular game. Now when we would like to play a tournament, we click on Tournaments as shown on the picture below. 

Select Tournament

Once we have been directed to the Tournaments Page we can now view all available Tournaments for us. Let's chose the "Marathon Legends" 1 vs 1 Tournament! 

Click on Join Tournament

To join the Tournament, easily just click on "Join Tournament". 

Since this Tournament has a format of 1 vs 1, you will be directly signed up to the tournament. 

For more details on how to join a Tournament with a format of 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5, scroll down. 

How to join 5v5 Tournaments with friends (premade party/team)

To join a Tournament with a Squad, Team or Party, simple click on "Join Tournament" and choose the appropriate option for you. 

If you chose "Team", you will receive a window allowing you to chose what Team you would like to enter with. To chose your Teammates, simply click on the button next to their name. 

After clicking on the button next to their name, your teammate will now show up in your Line-Up.

Check-in Timer

When you signed up for a Tournament, you will have to confirm your participation before you will be actually "seeded" into the Tournament. This means that you have to revisit the Tournament-Page 10-60 minutes prior to the Tournament starting to verify that you will take part. 

You do that by clicking on the button shown in the picture below. 

Tournament Starts

When you have successfully Checked In you can now return to the main-page and wait for your first game to start. 

You will also be able to see the status of the tournament you have signed up for in your activities window on your right-side bar. 

There you will also receive a notification once you have a Match ready.

GLHF in your first Tournament! 

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