To remove one of your game accounts, you go to the left sidebar navigation where your Games appear

Click on the game you would like to change/remove your Game Account of.
Then click on the account you wish to edit/remove as seen in the following picture

For the next and final step click on the 3 dots (...) and remove your game account.

Please note: If you have any kind of ongoing activity, even if you are only in the team finder and no tournament or ladder, you cannot remove your game account.

Double-check that you don't have any ongoing activities before trying to remove a game account.

After the account has been removed you can add a new one.

Note: You can only have one account for each game. For League of Legends you can have one account connected for each Region.

Add a new account

If you have removed the account and want to add a new one, refer to these articles. They will take you through the process of adding a new account for that specific game.

League of Legends: Add your League of Legends Account
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Add your CS:GO Steam Account
Dota 2: Add your Dota 2 Steam Account
PUBG: Add your PUBG Steam Account

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