What is seeding?

The tournament seeding and draw are in the complete control of anyone with the admin role. It can be changed as long as a tournament has not been started.

Automatic seeding

With automatic seeding, the participants will be randomly seeded into the tournament. This is achieved by either clicking on automatic seeding, or it will seed automatically at the set start time - if the tournament is set to automatic drive.

Manual seeding

Manual seeding gives the admin full control over the seeding.

🧡 Tip: set Drive mode to manual before performing manual seeding, the tournament will be seeded automatically if the clock will hit the start time of the tournament regardless of the seeding pop-up being open.
In manual drive, there is also the option of reseeding if anything went wrong the first time.

Here is our proposed set of actions for manual seeding so everything would go smoothly:t

  1. Set the Drive mode to Manual in Schedule.

  2. Go to Control panel and click Manual in seeding section.

  3. Drag and drop teams in the order you want them to have, or use buttons of the right side.

  4. After you are done, click Seed.

  5. Check the tournament bracket, make sure the seeding went flawlessly.

  6. Set the Drive mode back to Automatic.

  7. Start the tournament in the Control Panel.

Note: if you don't set Drive mode to manual before doing manual seeding, after you hit Seed button, tournament and all matches will start automatically, and we won't be able to help you to undo it.

Regular manual or competitive seeding?

  • Regular manual seeding seeds teams as following - 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, etc.

  • Competitive seeding does it the other way around - 1st vs the last team in the list, 2nd vs the second last team.

Seeding groups and multi-team brackets

Seeding groups is not different from seeding the bracket. The only additional bit of information you need to understand is how to divide teams into groups. At this point, numbers near team names will come in handy. Let's go with examples!

I.e. you want to have 4 groups with 4 teams in each. Teams marked 1-4 will be seeded into group A, 5-8 into the group B and so on.

Good luck! 💥

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