Challengermode's CS:GO backoffice enables tournament organizers to manage some aspects of the server directly. The backoffice becomes accessible the moment the lobby is up and running.

These features are in the backoffice.

  • Adding coaches

  • Changing server location and map

  • Backing up rounds

  • Running RCON commands

The backoffice can be found here

Inside the active lobby of a match there find several tabs in the lobby, such as Lineups, Veto, Settings, Chat and Backoffice.

Backoffice is located furthest to the right, click this tab to access the Backoffice tools.

How to add a coach?

Teams can draft a coach if you are allowing it in team settings. In that case, it will be automatically assigned and you don't need to take additional actions.

However, you can do that manually as well. You will see the panel of "Coach settings" if you scroll down in the Backoffice overview.
It will allow you to choose the team you want to add the coach to and insert the coach's SteamID.

How to change the server location or map?

Panel "Force Map/Server Veto" will help you to achieve just that!

  1. Pause the game.

  2. Select the server/map you want to change to.

  3. Clock Force Selected Map or Force Selected Location.

  4. On the top of the lobby press "Force fail".

  5. The new lobby will be created.
    You can click "Force start" in the Lobby Overview, the new server IP address will then be generated. All players will need to connect with the new IP.

How to back up rounds?

If you change server in the middle of the match, or need to backup rounds for any reason, you can do so by going to the "Backup Settings" in the Backoffice overview. You are able to restore previous rounds here.

How to run RCON commands?

By sending an RCON command, you can remotely manage the server.

The list of all available RCON commands for our servers can be found below. Multiple RCON commands can be run using a semicolon to separate them.

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