First of all, you need to sign up to the tournament you'd like to join.

You can find all available VALORANT tournaments on this page:

If you're not entirely sure about how to sign up to a tournament, you can read about the process in detail here.

Second of all, make sure you've read the description of the tournament and the information provided by the organizer.
Rules and VETO order might differ from different tournaments, all the information you need will be located in the Information field on the Tournament Overview page.

The tournament starts

As soon as the tournament starts, you and everyone in your team will be able to find a Go to Game button located on the Tournament Overview page.

You can also find this button located in your Activities in the upper right corner.

By clicking the Go to Game button you will be re-directed to your on-site lobby, this is where you can communicate with your opponents

Ready Up

You will Ready Up simply by going to the on-site lobby, everyone member of the team has to Ready Up individually - make sure that every member of your team shows up in the on-site lobby in.

If one player does not ready up, the entire team will fail to Ready Up which will result in the team automatically losing on Walkover.

Join/Create in-game Lobby

When all players are present and Ready, the on-site lobby will be started. A clear indication of this is the Play button that will have appeared in the center of the lobby.

You will be given plenty of time to get set up, in the example above - we have 20 minutes.

The first thing you need to do at that time is to VETO Maps.
Please double-check the information and rules regarding Map veto (pick/ban) in the Tournament Overview Information.

After the VETO has been done, the players need to set up the in-game lobby.

Click the Play button to get a detailed explanation on how to do this, if you want to feel more prepared, please see the example image below.

Add players in-game

First of all, the two captains need to add each other as Friends in VALORANT.

Each player's in-game name and their tag is displayed in the Challengermode lobby as on the example image below.

Add friends

You add friends in-game by opening up the Social menu located on the right side in VALORANT.
At the bottom, you will be able to find the Add Friend Icon, click this.

You then enter the in-game name and game tag of the player you would like to add, finish the process by clicking the plus ( + ) button.

Host lobby

To set up a custom lobby, you need to do three things.
Start by clicking Play, located in the center top of your screen.

You will then get the option to choose between Unrated, Spike Rush or Custom Game - click Custom Game.

You will be presented with the view above, you are now able to invite players to your Custom Lobby via the Friends List located on the right-hand side.

Simply click the player you'd like to invite (the captain of the opposing team or your team mates). They will then get an invitation which they need to accept.

If you have each other on the friends list, they can request to join your lobby by clicking Request to Join as well, you will then get a prompt where you need to approve the player's request.

Report Results

After playing the match, both teams need to go back to the Challengermode on-site lobby.
The lobby has now entered a new state - the report result state, a Report Results button has replaced the Play button.

When you click the Report Results button a new window will appear.
In this window, you can enter the rounds won for each team as well as attach a screenshot as evidence of the final results of your game.

You can report results without uploading evidence, but it is strongly recommended as an Admin will be available to confirm your results if there is evidence.
A dispute between two teams can swiftly be resolved if there is evidence.

Any player from the team can report the results, as long as both teams report a result and they match.

If both teams report the same results, the winner will be automatically declared and they'll move on to the next match in the bracket.
The winning team then needs to repeat the process in this article from start to finish.

If there is a dispute or one of the teams refuse to report results, please contact the tournament admins.

Further questions

If you have any further questions about the process of participating in a Valorant tournament, please contact our on-site Support Chat, you can find it by clicking the Question Mark ( ? ) in the bottom right!

Good luck and have fun!

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