Subscriptions are a way for Spaces to offer their paying members exclusive content. This could be exclusive tournaments and leagues, access to private Discords, coaching, having the chance to play with members from the administration team or anything else you can think off - the options are limitless, it's all up to you how you want to customize the Spaces experience for your users!

Enable subscriptions for your Space

To create a Subscription offer, go to Subscriptions in your Space Settings menu.
Enable Subscriptions for your Space, then click Create Offering.

An offering could look as on the image below, name the offering something that describes the perks a Subscriber would get.

After creating the offering it will appear as a subscription option for your followers, create several offerings to offer subscriptions with different perks for your subscribers.

Subscribe to a Space

As a User, you can subscribe to any amount of Spaces.
The fee you pay is withdrawn from your Challengermode Wallet and is paid out to the Space each 30 days.

Do note that Challengermode will automatically charge your connected payment method when you run out of funds in your wallet to ensure uninterrupted access to your subscription perks.


If you want to cancel a subscription, you go to your Profile Settings, you can find Settings as the tab furthest to the right on your User Profile.

From here you will be able to find Subscriptions in the menu called User Settings, this is the page at which you manage all your subscriptions.

You will get an overview of all the Spaces you are subscribed to, you are able to unsubscribe to a Space via this overview.
Simply click the three "..." to open up a drop-down menu with options for that particular Space.
From this menu, click Unsubscribe to cancel your subscription to that page.

Your subscription will then be cancelled after the next renewal date, it will however stay active until the end date.

If you have any questions regarding Subscriptions - contact our on-site Support Chat and we'll help you out!

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