To start customizing your space, you need to go to the Space Settings.

Click the small downward arrow next to the name of your Space, this will make a menu appear.
In this menu, you will have the options Share, Leave Space and Settings.

If you want to advertise your Space on Facebook or Twitter, or just get a shareable link that leads directly to your Space - click Share.
This will open up a new window with direct links to Facebook and Twitter, as well as a direct link that leads to your Space.

To set up your Space - click Settings. This is where you customize the settings and appearance of your Space.



You can change the name of your space at any time - do note, however, that the link to your Space can never be changed. So if you decide to re-name your Space, it might not be consistent with your Space URL.

The description will appear in several sections, such as in your Feed and the About page of your Space.

If you have promotional videos for your organization, the latest product, or for your YouTube channel - you can add a Video URL. This will add the video to your Feed and About pages. The same goes for the Website URL, this will add a link to the Website URL you enter in this section.

Social networks

You can add links to any of your Social Media pages here, the links will appear on your Feed and About pages.

Call-to-action button

If you add a Call-to-action button it will be added immediately underneath the Space name. You decide what the button will say with the Text drop-down menu, you then enter a link in the Link section, this link can be to your League page, your online store or the webpage for your organization for example. 


Enter the information for where your Members can contact you when they need support regarding your Space, your Tournaments and Leagues or for when they just have general questions regarding your Space.
In Contact link, you can enter a link to an external platform where they can reach you, such as Discord for example.

If you want the users to be able to contact you via email regarding Support Errands, please enter an e-mail address in the Email section.
A user will then get prompted with an email pop-up that will send an email directly to your inbox of the email you have entered.


This is where you customize the appearance of your Space, you can add a Logo and a Banner to your Space, the logo will appear at several places whilst the banner will appear in your Space and in any of the tournaments and leagues created by your Space.


If you have co-admins or moderators for your Space, you add them here.
Simply search for their Challengermode Username, select the Role you want to assign to them then click Assign.

The user will then be added to the list of Existing Roles.
You can always remove a user from the list or edit their assigned role by clicking Edit next to their name.


This is where you create and edit existing Subscription offers. To add a new offer click Create Offering in the upper right corner.
Assign a name to the offering, such as "Follower", "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold" or other suiting names for the different Subscription tiers for your Space.

The Monthly Fee is the amount of money the Users pay for their subscription, the money is withdrawn from their Challengermode Wallet on a monthly basis.

Other Spaces

If this Space is part of a larger constellation of Spaces, or is a collaboration of other organizations or Spaces, you can add follow these Spaces with your Space.
This will make members of your Space able to easily navigate between the Spaces and easily grasp the collaboration between the Spaces.


This is where you create the Tournaments in your Space.
All members of your Space will be able to see your Tournaments and can sign up for them.
You have more options available with a Space created tournament than you do with the Simplified Tournament System.

If you have Subscribers or Subscription Tiers you can create exclusive tournaments to which only members of certain Subscription Tiers can sign up to.


This section contains a list of all existing Members. If you want to get an overview of all your members or want to easily contact them - this is the section for you.
To message a member, click the ... next to their name, then click Send message.

A chat window will then be open with that member, the messages will be sent from the Challengermode User you are signed in to when writing, not the Space.

Deactivate Space

If you want to deactivate your Space, you click this button.
This will make the Space into a Deactivated Space, you will not be able to re-activate it at the moment. Please, only click this button if you are certain that you don't want to re-use the Space again in the future.

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