The Marketplace is a place where our users can buy and sell services such as Coaching.
This is currently the only type of service available on the Marketplace, but more are to come in the near future.

To navigate to the Marketplace you use the Menu in the upper left corner.

Browsing the marketplace

As you arrive at the Marketplace, all available coaches will be displayed in a list, see example image below.
Each service has a title, a rating and a prize. This is a great way to get an overall understanding of the services provided by the specific coach.
You can in addition to this click on each coach to get more detailed information about the type of services they provide.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can use the different filters on the left side to narrow down the listings appearing in the browsing section.

This could be convenient if you want coaching in a specific language or if you only want to see the listings for the particular game you are playing.


The dashboard gives you an overview of your listings, any deals you have bought or sold as well as your transaction history in regards to Marketplace deals.

Your listings

This page contains all the listings you have posted on the Marketplace, you can easily access them without having to browse through the Marketplace by using the Your listings overview.

Your deals

The deals section gives you an overview of your active and past deals, you can find all the deals that you as a service provider has sold.
This overview is here to help you navigate between different coaching sessions and to easier get a grasp of the different sessions you have held.

Your transactions

This section gives you an overview of all your transactions related to the Marketplace, deals that have been sold or bought.

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If you're looking for more details about the different parts of the Marketplace, please continue reading the articles below.
They explain the specific features of the Marketplace in greater detail.

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If you have any further questions about the Marketplace services, please contact our on-site Support chat!

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