These are the general rules and codes of conduct for the Challengermode Discord Channel (link to Discord).

Any messages that breaks the rules mentioned below will be removed and the user will be suspended from the Discord Channel.

If you urgently need to contact Challengermode staff about issues on the platform, the fastest way is to contact us via the on-site Support Chat.

If you want to overrule a decision or a suspension on the platform you should send an e-mail to, we will then get back to you within 12-24 hours.

Our Discord Channel is an extension of our platform.
All rules regarding toxicity and code of conduct on our site also applies to our Discord Channel.

Complaining about and/or targeting out individual Administrators

We are Challengermode, as a whole, if you wish to refer to us or an action made by Challengermode Staff, you refer to Challengermode - not the individual.
If you are unhappy with a decision made by Challengermode staff the general chat rooms on Discord is the wrong forum, using the channels for these purposes will be deemed as misusage of the channel.
If you are unhappy about a decision made by Challengermode you can contact us at or the on-site Support Chat.

Overruling a decision

All decisions made by the Challengermode Admins are final.
If you have been suspended, there is a valid reason for it - if you however want to overrule the decision or get more information about your suspension you can send an e-mail to, we will then get back to you within 12-24 hours.

Starting a witch hunt

Hunting down individuals in the public channels is not allowed, whether it is a member of staff or other users.
If you want to report a user or have a delicate matter which you would like to discuss with staff members, please contact the support staff via the on-site Support Chat or send an e-mail to

Using the support chat is the fastest way to solve any issue you might have, we will get back to you within a few minutes.

Racism and Sexism

The rules regarding toxicity, sexism and racism on our platform also applies to our Discord Channel.
Racism and sexism is not permitted in our Discord Channel.

Taunts and threats

You are not allowed to taunt or threat members of staff or other users in the Challengermode Discord channel.

Personal threats may result in a suspension from the platform. 

Threatening with social media

Threatening to go to different social media pages or trying to blackmail staff about your individual case is not permitted in our Discord Channel - this would be deemed as misusing the general chats.

If you wish to overrule any decision made by Challengermode staff you are to contact us via - you can also contact our on-site support staff if the matter is urgent.

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