The Simplified Tournament System enables you to set up your own tournament on Challengermode, it is a great way to compete amongst your friends, challenge your Stream viewers or just have a friendly scrim with a team.

Table of contents 

  1. Choose Tournament name and start date 
  2. Configure tournament and game settings
  3. Edit information and appearance
  4. Configure bracket types and match schedule
  5. Sponsor tournament and configure prizes 
  6. Publish, seed and start tournament 
  7. Invite teams and players 
  8. Edit tournament announcements

Pick your game 

Navigate to the overview page for the game you would like to create a tournament for via the left sidebar. It's currently possible to create self-hosted tournaments in CS:GO and LoL (more games will be available in the future).

If you choose Counter-Strike, you will  be re-directed to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive overview page. On this page you will find a Create Tournament button.

Click this button to continue with the creation of your tournament.

Create Tournament

The first things you get to choose for your tournament is the name of the tournament, the start date and time and the game "realm", which is the same things as the game  region/server (for CS:GO there's just the one realm  at the moment).

1. Tournament Name

Pick any name you'd like as long as it complies with the Challengermode terms and code of conduct. (

2. Start Date

Choose the time at which you'd like the tournament to start. The start date and time will determine the exact moment when Challengermode automatically starts the tournament. (You can update this later as well.)

3. Game Realm

The Game Realm is mostly relevant for League of Legends tournaments, this is where you choose which realm/region (EUNE, EUW, NA, etc) you want the tournament to be played in,

(For CS:GO there's just the one realm, the server location is then vetoed for each match in the game lobby.)

Your tournament info will now look something like this:

When you've filled in the required info, click Create Tournament in the bottom right.

Configure settings and appearence

Once the tournament has been created you will see the Tournament Settings page.

All settings and configuration options are available in a menu located on the left side. 


This is where you will be able to adjust your tournament settings in greater detail.
For example, you can change the start date, adjust the team size, max number of participants, chose game mode or pick mode (depending on the Game) and more.

Start date and time

If you would like to postpone the tournament start time or change the start date completely, you click here. You need to click Save at the bottom right for any changes to happen.

Confirmation window minutes (check-in) 

By changing the Confirmation Period you can adjust how much time players have to ready up before the start of the tournament and claim a spot. It's recommended to be at least 30 minutes.

Each player has to Confirm Participation individually to be seeded.

Minimum teams

By adjusting this value you can change the minimum required Confirmed teams for the tournament to start. This number also determines the number of prize slots available (see below).

For example, if there is a minimum of 4, and only 3 teams have confirmed their participation at start time - the tournament will not start.

Maximum teams

If you want a more exclusive tournament or have a set amount of teams in a qualifier, a lower value might be more fitting. If you want as many players as possible to be able to participate, you should enter a higher value.

Custom Prize Text

If your tournament does not have a sponsored prize pool, but rather a product prize or the honor of winning, you can enter a catchy custom prize text in this field. It will be displayed on the Tournament Overview page.

Reservations (Invite-only)

By checking this option you will restrict people from signing up to the tournament on their own. With this option enabled you will have to send invites directly to the Users on Challengermode that you would like to have participating in your tournament.

This is a good idea if you have a closed tournament for just a selected few friends or if it's a big qualifier tournament in which specific teams are meant to participate.

Team Size

Depending on the game mode, you would want to have different team sizes.
For a CS:GO aim tournament, 1-2 players would make sense. For a Bomb Defuse tournament, you should set the team size to 5.

CS:GO Game Specific Settings


This is where you choose what type of game mode the touranment should be played in. Bomb Defuse, Aim, Wingman, or Knife Arena for example.

Voting Style

The voting style determines how the veto in the match lobby will play out.
The voting style used on Challengermode is called Challengermode, the other option is the ESL style. You can read about the different voting styles in greater detail here.

Max Rounds

This option decides how long each match is. Standard for a 5v5 is 30 rounds, it all depends on how you would like to customize your tournament.

Enable EAC (Anti-Cheat)

By enabling or disabling the Anti-Cheat system you will make it possible for users to either join the server with EAC activated or deactivated depending on your settings.

Map pool

By default the map pool will adjust to whichever Ruleset you choose, if you select Aim Standard - the players will be able to vote on the Standard Aim Map Pool.

If you want the players to play a specific map, you select that specific map in this field. This would be practical if you want to run a "Best team on Dust 2" tournament for example. Or if you want to play a practice game against a team on a specific map.

Location pool

This works very similar to the Map pool settings.
You can either select a specific location where all servers will run or limit the options for which server locations the users can vote for.

Auto ready players in-game

By enabling this option all players will be automatically set as Ready in-game after all players have joined.

Auto ready in-game timer

If you decided to enable the Auto ready players in-game option, you can decide the amount of time it takes before all players are made Ready here.
The default setting is 30 seconds.

Recovery Method

If a match gets interrupted for some reason, and you need to revert a few rounds in a match - you would need to use the option "Admin selects round backup" here.

If you leave it to the default setting the Challengermode lobby will make a backup from the latest round that was played in the previous lobby, such as if a server crashes mid-game. This is a good option if you want the tournament proceed with minimal admin supervision necessary, but can cause issues if you want to revert a match to a specific round after a server crash or something similar.

LoL Game Specific Settings

Map and Game Mode 

Choose the map and game mode for your tournament. Although you can pick any combination of maps and pick modes that you'd like, it's recommended to stick with the standard combinations such as:

  • 5v5, Summoner's Rift, Draft Mode
  • 3v3, Twister Treeline, Draft Mode
  • 2v2, Howling Abyss, Draft Mode 
  • 1v1, Howling Abyss, Blind Pick
  • 5v5 ARAM: Howling Abyss, Blind Pick

Info and Appearance

This is where you can add information, rename your tournament and add links for contact (help) info and for related videos.


This information will appear on the Tournament Overview page for any user that visits your tournametn. You can provide general information about the tournament, additional rules, how to contact you and/or info about you or your organization. You can format text with markdown, click "here" as in the picture above for instructions and help with formatting.

Video URL

If you have a related clip about you, the tournament or your organization you may insert a link to the video here (for YouTube, copy the embed link).

Contact url

If you have a Discord channel that you'd like participants to use for communication with you/admins or each other, you should add a link to the Discord Channel in this field.


This is where you customize how your tournament should appear to others.


The logo will appear at the upper left on the Tournament Overview, the size for a logo is 256 x 256px.


The banner appears at the top of your tournament and will be visible in all tournament tabs such as brackets, matches and teams for example.


The thumbnail is the image that is displayed in a preview of your tournament on other pages, such as on your profile.


You can change the format of your tournament here, the bracket type, the amount of games played in a match and if there will be a bronze (third-place) match or not.

Bracket type

You can choose between a Single Elimination tournament or a Double Elimination tournament. 

  • Single Elimination: A traditional tournament format where half of all participants are eliminated each round (and half continue playing) until there is only one winner left. Participants are eliminated after one match loss.
  • Double Elimination: Losers of one round continue playing in the lower bracket, while the winners continue playing in the upper bracket. Participants are eliminated after losing two matches. A tournament of this type will take about twice as long as a Single Elimination tournament.

If you decide to not have a bronze match, the teams eliminated in the Semi Finals will share the prize pool for 3rd and 4th placement.

Match & Round Settings

You will be able to adjust the amount of games to be played in a match (Best of 1, Best of 3 etc) for the tournament as a whole - or for individual matches and/or rounds.

If you have selected all matches to be Bo1 - but want the finals to be a Bo3 and start at a specific date, you can make all these changes here.

By expanding the selection for a specific round and/or match, you can enter specific settings for that particular level of the tournament. For example, the two different matches in the Semi Finals can be played at different dates or times.


This is where you can add a prize pool to your tournament. The prize money will be added from your Challengermode Wallet.

If your wallet is empty, you will not be able to fund the tournament with any prize money. If you have other prizes in your tournament, please specify these in Settings - Custom Prize Text.

If you do add funds to your prize pool you will be able to distribute the money in a way that you think is fitting. Below is an example image of how you might distribute a prize pool of €4:

Manage tournament

Control Panel

The control panel is where you take the tournament through the different stages. 

Publish Tournament

By clicking Publish, the tournament will be live on Challengermode. This means that Users on Challengermode will be able to sign up to your tournament if they have the link.

When a tournament has been published, you invite specific users or teams directly with the invitation tool (see below) and they can see the tournaments you host via your profile page.

Seed Tournament

The "Seeding" of a tournament is the process that determines who will play against who in the first round of the tournament. (Where teams end up in the bracket.) 

With automatic seeding, the participants will be randomly seeded into the Tournament Bracket (this is the only seeding option available in this simpler tournament tool).

Please note that unless you manually click the seeding button ahead of time it will be done automatically by Challengermode once the tournament starts.

Start Tournament

Again, unless you start the tournament manually ahead of time, it will be automatically seeded and started at the time tournament start time chosen.

When the tournament has started the first round of matches will also start and players will get their game lobbies (unless you've scheduled a different time for specific rounds.)

Complete Tournament

Once all matches have been played succesfully, the tournament will complete automatically. If this does not happen, you can also click the Complete Tournament button manully. Completing the tournament will pay out any prizes to the winners and the results of this action is final.


If you have an "invite-only" tournament or if you want to send out invitations to specific players or teams, this is where you do it.

Depending on if it's a Solo or Team tournament you can either search for indiviudal players or teams.
If the Team Size for the tournament is 2 or more, you can only invite teams. You will then have to search for the teams name in the field "Search for team...".

After sending an invitation to the player or the team captain, they will then have to accept the invitation and join the tournament to appear in Participants/Teams.

Note: The tournament must be Published (Control Panel - Publish) before you are able to invite anyone to the tournament.


If you need to postpone the tournament or want to quickly inform the participants about something, you can enter a message in this section.

The message will then appear for all participants whether they are in a tournament lobby, looking at the bracket or are reading through the tournament description at the tournament overview page.

If you have any further questions about creating or running a tournament, just contact us via the support chat and we'll answer your questions right away.

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