The Simplified Tournament System enables you to set up your own tournament on Challengermode, it is a great way to compete amongst your friends, challenge your Stream viewers or just have a friendly scrim with a team.

Pick your game 

Navigate to the overview page for the game you would like to create a tournament for via the left sidebar. It's currently possible to create self-hosted tournaments in CS:GO and LoL (more games will be available in the future).

If you choose Counter-Strike, you will be re-directed to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive overview page. On this page, you will find a Create Tournament button.

You can find this button on the League of Legends overview page at the exact same position.

Click this button to continue with the creation of your tournament.

Create Tournament

The first things you get to choose for your tournament is the name of the tournament and the start date and time.

1. Name

Pick any name you'd like as long as it complies with the Challengermode terms and code of conduct. (

2. Start Time

Choose the time at which you'd like the tournament to start. The start date and time will determine the exact moment when Challengermode automatically starts the tournament. (You can update this later as well.) 

3. Hosted by

The user who creates the Tournament is automatically assigned as the Host.
You can add additional co-admins after the tournament has been created.

Your tournament information should now look something like this:

When you've filled in the required info, click Create Tournament in the bottom right.

You will then get redirected to the next step of the Tournament Creation where you will be able to set up the Game settings, Format and Schedule.

Game Settings

Depending on which game you are creating a tournament for, the settings are a bit different.
These settings can also be adjusted after the tournament has been created, you can read a more in-depth description of all the game-specific settings and how to set up the aesthetics of your tournament layout in the links below. These articles are also linked at the bottom of this article as the next step in the creation process will take you there.

League of Legends
Configure the settings for your League of Legends tournament

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Configure the settings for your CS:GO tournament

Some settings are greyed out, you are unable to adjust those settings with the Simplified Tournament System.


By setting up these options you are able to decide the format of your tournament, such as team sizes (1v1, 2v2, 5v5), the number of participants and if it's a more private tournament or not.

Minimum teams

By adjusting this value you can change the minimum required Confirmed teams for the tournament to start. This number also determines the number of prize slots available (see below).

For example, if there is a minimum of 4, and only 3 teams have confirmed their participation at start time - the tournament will not start.

Maximum teams

If you want a more exclusive tournament or have a set amount of teams in a qualifier, a lower value might be more fitting. If you want as many players as possible to be able to participate, you should enter a higher value.

Custom Prize Text

If your tournament does not have a sponsored prize pool, but rather a product prize or the honour of winning, you can enter a catchy custom prize text in this field. It will be displayed on the Tournament Overview page.

Reservations (Invite-only)

By checking this option you will restrict people from signing up to the tournament on their own. With this option enabled you will have to send invites directly to the Users on Challengermode that you would like to have to participate in your tournament.

This is a good idea if you have a closed tournament for just a selected few friends or if it's a big qualifier tournament in which specific teams are meant to participate.

Visibility (Unlisted)By checking or unchecking this option you can decide whether the Tournament is to be displayed on your User Profile Page or not, if it's checked (Unlisted) the Tournament will not appear, players will then only be able to see the tournament if you send a link to the tournament page.

Team Size

Depending on the game mode, you would want to have different team sizes.
For a CS:GO aim tournament, 1-2 players would make sense. For a Bomb Defuse tournament, you should set the team size to 5.

Tournament Chat
By enabling this option a Chat window will appear on the Tournament Overview page, anyone who is logged into their Challengermode Account and visits the Tournament Page will be able to write in this chat.


This is where you adjust settings in regards to when the tournament is to start and how much time your players have to Confirm Participation before the tournament starts.

Start date and time

If you would like to postpone the tournament's start time or change the start date completely, this is where you do it. You need to click Save at the bottom right for any changes to occur.

Confirmation window minutes (check-in) 

By changing the Confirmation Period you can adjust how much time players have to ready up before the start of the tournament and claim a spot. It's recommended to be at least 30 minutes.

Each player has to Confirm Participation individually to be seeded.

After adjusting all the options to your liking you can click the Finish button, this will redirect you to your newly created Tournament page.

Click the link below depending on which game you've just created a tournament for further instructions!

League of Legends
Configure the settings for your League of Legends tournament

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Configure the settings for your CS:GO tournament

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