To get started with your first Dota 2 tournament on Challengermode, you need to go through a few steps - we will go through the process, all the way from signing up with your team to finishing your first match and progressing through the bracket.

1. Sign up

Click the tournament you would like to sign up to in the tournament list.
When you have arrived at the overview page of the tournament, you will find a button in the upper right that says Join Tournament - click this button.

2. Join with Party or Team

You can join the tournament with a party you are currently in - or with a team, you are a member of.
In this scenario, I am not in a party - so I will have to join with one of my teams.
I click the button that says Join With Team.

3. Choose your lineup

The window below will appear after choosing the option to join as a team.
By clicking the drop-down menu to the left (Select a team..) you will be able to select which of your teams you would like to join the tournament with.

After you have chosen the correct team in the list, all the members will appear in a list to the left.

If a user does not have a Dota 2 account linked the text Ready to play will be replaced with They need to connect a Dota 2 game account.

You can add any team members with a connected Dota 2 account to your line-up. After having a full Starting Lineup you will be able to click the Join button located in the bottom right corner of the window.

4. Confirm participation

For your team to be seeded once the tournament starts, every team member has to confirm their participation.

You do this by pressing the Confirm Participation button on the Tournament overview page. This button is located at the same location as the Join Tournament button was located earlier.

The image below shows an example of what it looks like when only the captain of the team has confirmed participation - this team still has four (4) players who are not ready.
Each of these four (4) players has to click the Confirm Participation button for the team to be fully ready to participate in the tournament.

When everyone in the team has confirmed their participation - all you have to do is to wait for the tournament to start.
Once it starts, your team will be seeded into the bracket - and the first match will start.

Note: If your team does not confirm participation in time - you will not be seeded, this means you will not be able to participate in the tournament.

6. Go to game

When you have your first match, a Go To Game button will appear in your activities field in the right-side menubar on Challengermode.
Click this button to be re-directed to your on-site match lobby.

There will also be a Go To Game button in the Tournament Overview page at the same location as the Join Tournament and Confirm Participation buttons were located earlier.

7. Ready up and Join the game

Once the on-site lobby is created, each member has to be declared as Ready before the game can begin.
You Ready Up simply by entering the lobby via the Go to game button

If anyone fails to ready up before the timer runs out - the team will automatically lose on Walkover.

If every member in both teams Ready Up in time, a Launch Game button will appear in the lobby.
Click this button to get an in-game invitation in Dota 2 to your Lobby.

Once both teams have entered the in-game lobby and joined the correct team, the game can begin.

8. Game finished, results reported

Once the game has finished and one team has been declared the victor - the results will automatically be reported to the on-site Challengermode lobby.
You will then either be eliminated from the tournament or continue to the next match.
If you do have another match to play, a new Go to game button will appear in your Activities Field. You can in that case go back to step 6. Go To Game and re-do the steps until you have either been eliminated from the tournament or won the Final.

Good luck and have fun!

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