The default settings in Dota 2 prevents non-friends from sending game invitations to you, this includes invitations from Challengermode.
To participate in our tournaments, you will need to adjust your Social Settings and allow game invitations from non-friends.

This article will explain the process of adjusting your Social Settings in Dota 2 to allow in-game invitations to the matches in our Tournaments and Leagues.

1. Go to Settings

On the startscreen of Dota 2 you will find "Settings" in the upper left corner, the cogwheel icon - it's been marked in the example image below.

Click this button.

2. Go to Options - Advanced Options

When you're in the Settings window, you click "Options" in the upper menu bar of the Settings window.

While in "Options" you will find "Advanced Options" at the bottom center of the window, click here.

3. Allow invitations from non-friends

In Advanced Options you will be able to Block or Unblock party invitations from non-friends.
If this option is checked, you are blocking invitations from non-friends, this includes Challengermode.
Uncheck this box.

4. Correct Social settings

After unchecking the box, your social settings regarding party invitations should look as on the picture below - you are now able to receive game invitations from Challengermode.

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