This article will explain the necessary steps you need to take in order to reschedule a match in the tournament or league you are participating in, note that only the captain of your team can send in a reschedule request.

The more time your opponents have to plan around your proposal and/or suggest dates of their own, the more likely it is that you will be able agree on a new date for your match.

Keep in mind - you are not able to reschedule a match within 1 hour (60 minutes) of the Scheduled Start Time.


  1. Find the match
  2. Choose the match to reschedule
  3. Suggest new dates or times
  4. View and edit a submitted request
  5. Accept or decline an incoming request
  6. See the result of a request/change

1. Open up match details

To reschedule a match, the captain of your team needs to open up the match details.

To reschedule you start by clicking on the match you would like to reschedule in the tab Matches (or by finding the same match via "My Participation") on the Division or Tournament.
If you are in a tournament with a bracket, you can also click View Details next to your match to open up the Match Details.

2. Click to Reschedule 

To reschedule the match, click the Reschedule button located at the top of the window.

3. Suggest dates

You can suggest a maximum of six (6) dates for the reschedule request.
To suggest a date, click on the field that says Click to add date.
A date-picker with which you can select a date and start time will then appear.
After choosing a date and time, it will be added to the selected slot. You are then able to add five (5) additional suggestions.

3.2. You may not suggest a time within one hour from now

In the example below, one of the suggestions are faulty.
The current time is 2019-04-16 11:00 and I have suggested that we should play the match in 47 minutes. This is however not permitted as the other team needs to have at least one (1) hour to review the request and accept or decline the proposal.

This also means that if an opponent wants to approve a suggestion, they need to approve it at least (1) hour before the suggested start time.

If the opponent approves a suggestion that is set for 50 minutes before the requested start time, the request will not be approved.

3.3. Proposal outside the allowed timespan

In the example below I have made two proposals that are set on dates later than one week from now.
The permitted time period for a reschedule is by default seven (7) days, if you submit a suggestion that is more than a week in advance, an Administrator will have to review and approve the suggestion.

You will not be permitted to reschedule a match for a date more than seven (7) days in the future if the match is the last round in a League Season for example.

After assigning all the dates you would like to suggest, you click the Suggest Dates button at the bottom right.

4. Reschedule request has been submitted

After clicking Suggest Dates your opponents will receive a notification about your request to reschedule the match.

Every team member will be able to see the request but only the captain of a team can Accept or Decline a suggestion.

4.1 Adjust your request

If you at some point have to remove one of the suggested dates you can with ease adjust your request.

If I for example would like to cancel my request for the 24th of April, I would do this by simply clicking the check mark on the specific date - I then click Submit at the bottom right.

You will then get a prompt asking if you would like to Submit the Reschedule Request. If you click Yes - the reschedule request will look as on the image above.
Your opponents will then be able to see that one of the dates no longer is available, even if they accept it. Both teams need to approve a date for the match to be rescheduled.

4.2 Cancel your request

If it turns out that you want to play the match on the default date, even though you have sent a request to reschedule - you can decline your request by clicking the Decline button at the bottom right, next to the Submit button.

After clicking Yes and actively declining the request, the match start date will remain unchanged. Your match will then be played on the default scheduled start time.

5 .Accept or decline incoming requests

If you're on the receiving end of a request to change the time of a match, you'll receive a notification and then be presented with the same view as your opponent, but with the ability to accept or decline each particular suggested time, like so:

By clicking once you accept the date (check mark) and clicking again will decline the date (cross mark). You can also suggest your own additional times as explained above, after which your opponent will then be given the same options to decline or accept the new dates and times.

6. Reschedule Request Approved

If your or your opponent accepts one of the suggested dates for rescheduling, the match will be played on the first available date. I.e, if the opponent accepts two of the dates - the one nearest to the current date will be the new start time for your match.

When one of your suggestions has been accepted, you will also get a notification.

If you go back to the match details in the Tournament or Division you will now be able to see that a new Scheduled start time has been set for your match.

In this case, Friday at 11:48 CEST (2019-04-19 11:48).

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