General Rules

  1. Participation
    Multiple Tournaments
    You are only allowed to participate in one on-going tournament at the same time. You will be disqualified from the one that started last (most recently) if you are found participating in two or more tournaments that are currently running.
    If you want to leave forfeit from one tournament and participate in the new tournament, tell an admin immediately and before that tournament starts so that you won't be disqualified from the tournament you want to participate in.
    This rule does not apply to tournaments spanning over several days or in tournaments with scheduled start times for matches and other special events.
    It's completely up to the discretion of the admins to decide whether you are playing in two or more conflicting tournaments at the same time. 
  1. Behaviour
    Our code of conduct applies to all tournaments.
    Depending on the severity of the infraction you will either be warned, disqualified or suspended from Challengermode. This is up to the admins to decide.
  2. Fair Play
    Any form of cheating, hacking, exploiting and abusing in-game functions will result in a suspension from Challengermode.
  3. Prizes
    Product Prizes
    In tournaments with product prizes that occur several times each user is only eligible to win once (one time) unless nothing else is stated in the tournament description. 

CSGO AntiCheat Policy

  1. All our servers are VAC enabled. Steam profiles that have a previous VAC ban may not be able to play.
  2. Challengermodes' overwatch team can at any given time and without any specific reason spectate in-game and review match demos to determine whether any cheating has occurred.
  3. Challengermode admins can at any time and for any reason demand that you record POV (Point-of-view) demos.
  4. Prime status is a requirement for participation. 
  5. Open Steam profiles and public game stats can be requested by the admin team at any time for any reason. 
  6. Failure to cooperate with the admin team may result in a disqualification from the activity. 

As a user on Challengermode and player in any of our competitions, you acknowledge that not complying with any of the above, implicitly or explicitly may lead to a permanent ban. 

Cheating is considered fraudulent behavior and a crime when it's possible to win money or prizes. Cheaters may be reported to the proper national authorities (police) and fined.

Additionally we are actively monitoring and collaborating with other sites.

  • If you have a ban for cheating on another site (Faceit / ESEA / Esportal etc.) you may not be allowed to play on challengermode. This includes alternative accounts. 
  • If you have a VAC-ban or a Game-ban that is newer than 2 years you may not be allowed to participate. This includes alternative accounts. It does not matter what game the ban is for. 
  • If you play a game and a player in your team is caught cheating, you may face a limited ban for playing with a cheater.

Cheating will result in a sitewide permanent suspension. 

Read more about cheating:

PUBG Anti Cheat Policy

Intentional usage of ingame bugs will be punished based on the severity.  

Cheating will always result in a permanent ban. 

Teaming will result in a disqualification and a temporary ban. 

Players are required to record replays and save them for 7 days. Faliure to do this may result in a loss of Prizemoney and/or suspension from future tournaments. 

If you have a VAC-ban or Game-ban that is newer than 2 years you may not be allowed to participate. This includes alternative accounts. It does not matter if the ban is on another game. 

The Anti Cheat Policy is subject to change at any time and its each users responibilty to keep themselves updated. 

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