The game results are automatically reported in all PUBG tournaments and leagues on Challengermode. For the system to find you and report your results you need to have the correct in-game name assigned to your Challengermode account.

If you are uncertain about your currently assigned in-game name, or if you know that you have assigned the wrong in-game name - this is the article for you.
We will go through the process of changing your assigned PUBG in-game name.

Check your in-game name

Check your in-game name by going to your profile on Challengermode, you will find your in-game name located in the section called My game accounts.

If the underlined name matches your in-game name, you are good to go.
If they don't match you need to do the following.

Remove your PUBG Account

Remove your PUBG account and connect it again. To remove the account, click the three dots that appear when hovering the mouse over PUBG in the Your Games menu on the left side.

Then click Edit Steam Account

A window will pop up with the text My Steam Account - click on the Remove button located on the right side. 

Note: If the button is grayed out, you are unable to remove the account due to being locked to an activity (tournament, league, etc).
If this is the case, you need to contact the Support Chat.

After the account has been removed - you need to reconnect it to your Challengermode account - make sure your in-game name is correct this time.

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