This guide will help you sign up for your first PUBG Tournament on Challengermode.

1. Tournaments

First of all, we need to locate the tournaments themselves.
You find the PUBG tournaments by clicking PUBG in the menubar to the left, under "Your games".

Once you have clicked on "PUBG" you will be redirected to the PUBG Overview page. Here you will find the featured PUBG tournaments as well as tabs for different PUBG pages.

If you don't find a PUBG tournament in Featured that interests you, click on "Tournaments" to browse through all of our upcoming PUBG tournaments.

You then click on the Tournament that you would like to participate in!

2. Join

When you have found the tournament you would like to participate in, its time to Sign up! You sign up by clicking the "Join Tournament" button located in the upper right side of the tournament overview page.

You will have two options when joining the tournament. You can either join with a Team or with a Party! 

3. Confirmation

Once you have signed up, you have to Confirm your Participation.

You will be able to do this within a certain time that is mentioned in the tournament settings! Make sure to Confirm Participation as soon as you can, since it is the first teams/parties that confirm who will get reserved spots until all Available slots have been taken.

(More information regarding the tournament settings is explained below)

When you have Confirmed your participation you will be marked as Ready, refer to the example image below.

Tournament Settings

You will find the information tab by scrolling down on the Tournament Overview page.
In this section, you can find "Tournament Settings" which contain information regarding the specific settings for this tournament.

In this case, the text that is marked with red, shows that you have 120 minutes of Confirmation time, this is called the Check-in Period. This means that you are able to Confirm Participation 2 hours before the tournament starts, that is when the Confirm Participation button will become clickable.

Your teammate has now Confirmed his/her participation and you are ready to play!

Now you just need to wait until the tournament starts - and bring your a-game! 

Need more information about where you receive server information such as Server Name and Password? Keep on reading here! 

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