1. Once your tournament has started you will receive a Game Lobby which will consist of you and all your opponents. You are able to access it by clicking on "Go To Game" button on the tournament overview! 

2. When you have joined the lobby, you will be marked as ready. Once everyone has been marked as Ready or if an Admin starts the game, you will receive "Creating PUBG lobby". This might take a few minutes. 

3. As soon as the PUBG Lobby has been created you will receive a Play Button. 

Click on the "Play" button and you will receive all the information you need to join the PUBG Server! 

It will for an example look like this! 


This is the Squad you are supposed to join when you have entered the PUBG Server. 

Lobby Name

The name of the PUBG Server in Custom Matches on PUBG

Lobby Password

The Password to join the PUBG Server (Remember to NOT share this with anyone)

If you don't know how to join a PUBG Custom Game, please click on "How do I join a PUBG game?" in the Server Information Bar.

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