1. If you want to sign up with your Facebook Account you can do that by clicking on: Sign up with Facebook on the sign-up page.

  2. If you already have a Challengermode account and want to connect it to your Facebook, you can log in with Facebook from the Login page. (If your Facebook email is different from your Challengermode email address, read on.

Already have a Challengermode account with a different email address than your Facebook account? 

If you accidentally signed up or logged in with Facebook and created a new account instead of connecting it to your current Challengermode account, you can follow these steps to remove the connection and add it to your current Challengermode account:

  • Sign in with the Facebook-connected account 

  • Go to your Account Settings:
    Profile menu > Settings > Login & Security and Create a password for your account. 

  • You then click on Manage Logins on the same page (Login & Security

  • Remove Facebook Connection (write the password to the Challengermode account you are logged in to) 

  • Log out and then log In to your original account

  • Go to Profile menu > Settings > Login & Security > Manage Logins

  • Connect Facebook by entering your Challengermode Password

Note that you will connect the Facebook account you are currently logged in with in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge etc).

If you created an account by mistake in this scenario, please let an admin know and they will deactivate it for you.

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