It's not uncommon for most people to lose their cool sometimes, especially in an online tournament or competition. If your opponent behaves badly towards you for no reason, you should never respond in a disrespectful way. Instead, the situation will usually improve a lot by just being friendly or ignoring their comments. 

Unfortunately, that will not always work. If you are playing or have played against someone or some people that are repeatedly behaving badly, or keep on insulting you, here's what to do:

  1. Don't get into a flaming war: If both you and your opponent have behaved badly, it's much harder for an admin to resolve the issue.
  2. Collect evidence: Take a screenshot of their comments or copy the text.
  3. Contact an admin: Open the support chat and explain the situation briefly.
  4. Provide the evidence: Attach the saved pictures, videos or text showing what the opponent(s) have said, and translating it into English if necessary.
  5. Provide the background: Did your opponent just start flaming you for no reason, or was there something else that triggered him/her/them? Be honest.

Once you've done your part and we've found the accusations to be correct, we will give the player a warning, if the player has already received a warning before or is found to repeat the bad behavior one or more times they will get banned. Two strikes and you're out.

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