In the left sidebar navigation, click on your game account name under the Game the account belongs to. Choose the Game you want to add or remove a game account for:

Please note: If you have any kind of ongoing activity, even if you are only in the team finder and no tournament or ladder, you cannot remove your game account.

Double check that you don't have any ongoing activities before trying to remove a game account.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you'd like to change your Steam account for CS:GO, simply click on the name in the left sidebar navigation.

Click on REMOVE and your current account will be disconnected from Challengermode. After that you can add another account. 

Note that it's not possible to add a Steam account that has been previously connected to another Challengermode user.

League of Legends

If you want to change or add another League of Legends Summoner, click on the primary Summoner in the left sidebar navigation.

You can click REMOVE to disconnect your Summoner from a specific region, and you can also add a new Summoner (when you haven't added a Summoner from every region.)

Note that you can only have ONE Summoner from each League of Legends region. Currently, EUW or EUNE are supported.

The primary Summoner is chosen automatically based on which has the highest rank or level.

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